Elle E – Mimosa’s At Socials | Life Force

Elle E – Mimosa’s At Socials

Elle E – Mimosa’s At Socials | Life Force mp3 Download

Elle E – Mimosa’s At SocialsElle E – Mimosa’s At Socials | Life Force mp3:

Elle E is a singer-songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa that doesn’t follow any specific style or musical rules and as a self-taught musician, she is a left-handed guitar player that plays a right-handed guitar upside down.

A Garage Rock / Noise Pop sound with bassy intro’s, fuzzy riffs, drums that follow the guitar, clean yet powerful vocals and a hint of a keyboard.

She’s a multi-instrumentalist that plays and records all her music herself and keeps it very stripped down for live shows, adding only a drummer while she plays guitar and sings.

Elle E released her first track ‘Life Force’ last month and she is back in April with her second single called ‘Mimosa’s At Socials’.

Download and Listen below.



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